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  1. Game Setting: You’re in control of a cosmic slingshot, orbiting a desolate planet in the vastness of space.
  2. Mission Objective: Launch asteroids across the solar system to hit distant targets. Each level presents a new celestial body to aim for—be it a planet, a moon, or a passing spaceship.
  3. Controls and Mechanics: Click and drag to aim, release to launch. You have to calculate the trajectory and the gravitational pull of nearby planets.
  4. Gravity Wells: Each celestial object has its gravity well. Use it to curve the asteroid’s path, slingshot around moons, or avoid space debris.
  5. Level Progression: Start with straightforward shots to get a feel for the mechanics. As you progress, you’ll deal with moving targets, asteroid belts, and black holes.
  6. Power-Ups and Upgrades: Collect cosmic dust to upgrade your asteroid’s mass, speed, and control. Grab temporary power-ups like gravity reversers or speed boosters to amp up your launches.
  7. Challenge Modes: Survival mode pits you against a relentless wave of targets with only a few asteroids to spare. Time Trial demands quick thinking and quicker launches.
  8. Leaderboards and Achievements: Compete with other space slingers around the globe for the highest score and earn achievements for mind-bending trick shots.
  9. Graphics and Sound: Enjoy a deep-space aesthetic with a soundtrack that’s equal parts chill and thrilling—perfect for a game of interstellar billiards.
  10. Multiplayer: Challenge friends to see who can score the highest with the least number of asteroids.

Prepare your strategy, account for the pull of gravity, and let ‘em fly! Asteroid Launcher isn’t just a game; it’s a galactic physics puzzle that’s both brain-bending and addictive. Can you become the ultimate asteroid ace? Strap in and start launching!

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