Elevator to the Stars

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Gameplay Overview: Jump into the captain’s chair of your very own space elevator in this epic strategy game! You’re in charge of the world’s first orbital lift, and it’s up to you to build, upgrade, and manage the interstellar gateway to the stars.

Starting Up:

  • Build Your Base: Start on Earth and construct your elevator base. Balance your resources between building the elevator shaft, upgrading your tech, and keeping everything running smoothly.
  • Materials Matter: Collect and trade rare materials essential for constructing the tether that will stretch into the cosmos.
  • Research & Development: Unlock new technologies to reinforce your elevator, making it faster, stronger, and able to handle more cargo and passengers.

Leveling Up:

  • Go Higher: Push beyond the atmosphere and establish way stations at various altitudes. The higher you go, the more you can charge for your elevator services.
  • Space Commerce: Transport satellites, space tourists, and cargo, and navigate the challenges of space weather and orbital debris.
  • Expand Your Empire: Invest in asteroid mining operations and space tourism to fund your elevator’s expansion.


  • Space Hazards: Defend against space junk, solar flares, and the ever-present threat of sabotage from rival companies.
  • Economic Ebb and Flow: Adapt to the dynamic in-game economy. Prices for launches, construction, and repairs can skyrocket or drop, so smart trading is key.


  • Galactic Gateway: Achieve milestones to unlock the lunar and Mars transfer stations, becoming the central hub for all things space. Secure contracts, build alliances, and maybe, just maybe, prepare for alien encounters.

Why Play? “Elevator to the Stars” blends the thrill of space exploration with the strategic depth of an empire-building game. Every decision impacts your progress, from the materials you trade to the alliances you forge. Can you turn this towering dream into a profitable reality? The elevator to the stars is ready—are you?

Press ‘Start’ and elevate your game to universal heights! 🌌🛠️👾

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