Epic Earthquake Alert!

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Gear up, Earth Guardian! Your screen’s the radar, every tremor’s a test. Keep the “Days Since Earthquake” counter soaring. Zeroes mean trouble, so stay sharp!

💥 Rumble Rush: Quakes zero your streak. Watch that seismograph, tap to acknowledge those shakes. Bigger the magnitude, the quicker you need to be!

🔥 Flare Watch: Power up for Solar Flare showdowns. When the sun kicks off, hit the flare alert. Stack up ‘safe days’ and score power-ups.

🛰 Shock Wave: Brace for interplanetary shocks. Detect the wave, activate shields, and protect that streak.

Ready to track those tremors and solar flares? Keep the earth stable and storm the leaderboard in “Epic Earthquake Alert!” 🌐🎮 Keep the planet pulsing with preparedness!

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