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Welcome to the exhibit of Internet Artifacts, where history meets the digital age in a hands-on experience! This gallery isn’t about “look but don’t touch” – here, you’re invited to dive in and play with the remnants of internet past. Each piece in this collection represents a slice of the World Wide Web’s evolution, frozen in time for you to explore:

🖱️ The Ancient Homepage: Click around on a replica of one of the first web pages ever created. Experience the simplicity of hyperlinks in their purest form.

💾 GeoCities Ghost Town: Navigate a reimagined GeoCities page, complete with blinking text, MIDI background music, and tiled GIF backgrounds. Personalize it with your own sparkling ‘Under Construction’ sign.

👾 Flash Game Fossils: Get your game on with a selection of classic Flash games. Yes, they’re all here – from ‘Alien Hominid’ to ‘Line Rider’. Just enable the emulator and play away!

📧 Email Excavation Site: Send an email using an interface from the early 2000s. Feel the nostalgia as you type up your message and hit send with an old-school ‘whoosh’.

🔊 Modem Sounds Symphony: Interact with a soundboard that plays the screeching symphony of dial-up internet tones. Mix and match to compose your own broadband masterpiece.

🤖 AIM Bot Conversation Pit: Chat with a bot that mimics the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) experience, complete with buddy lists and away messages.

🌌 MySpace Constellation: Design your own MySpace profile, complete with a top-eight-friends list and profile song. Don’t forget to leave a glittery comment on your friend’s page!

This interactive journey through internet history not only showcases the technological advancements but also reminds us of the web’s quirky and sometimes awkward growing pains. It’s a celebration of how far we’ve come and a playful exploration of what once was. Go ahead, touch the artifacts and relive the magic of the internet’s yesteryears.

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