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‘Adam and Eve: Golf’ is a fun and unique twist on the classic game of golf, set in the prehistoric era. Players take on the role of Adam, the first man on Earth, as he embarks on a golfing adventure with his trusty club and ball. The game combines elements of golf with puzzle-solving mechanics, making for an engaging and challenging gameplay experience.

How to Play

In ‘Adam and Eve: Golf’, players must aim and shoot the ball towards the hole using the mouse or touchscreen controls. The goal is to complete each level in as few strokes as possible, navigating obstacles and using logic to overcome the challenges presented in each course. Players can also collect stars along the way to earn extra points.


1. Prehistoric Setting Experience a unique golfing adventure in the prehistoric era with Adam and Eve.
2. Puzzle-Solving Gameplay Challenge your problem-solving skills as you navigate obstacles and find the best path to the hole.
3. Multiple Levels Explore a variety of levels with increasing difficulty, offering hours of gameplay.
4. Collectible Stars Collect stars to earn extra points and showcase your skills in each level.

With its charming graphics, intuitive controls, and clever level design, ‘Adam and Eve: Golf’ provides a refreshing take on the traditional golfing genre. Players of all ages can enjoy the game’s mix of strategy and skill, as they guide Adam through a series of challenging courses filled with surprises and obstacles.


Overall, ‘Adam and Eve: Golf’ offers a delightful gaming experience that combines the thrill of golf with the brain-teasing fun of puzzles. Whether you’re a fan of golf games or simply looking for a new challenge, this game is sure to entertain and captivate you with its clever gameplay and charming premise. So, tee off with Adam and embark on a prehistoric golfing journey unlike any other!

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