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Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance is an engaging online game designed for young children who love dance and creativity. The game follows the adorable Baby Hazel as she explores the world of ballet and learns new dance moves. With colorful graphics and fun gameplay, it provides an entertaining experience for kids to enjoy.

How to Play

In Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance, players can help Baby Hazel prepare for her ballet performance by choosing her outfit, styling her hair, and practicing dance steps. The game features interactive elements that allow kids to engage with the character and enjoy the virtual ballet experience.


1. Interactive gameplay
2. Dress-up options
3. Dance practice sessions
4. Colorful graphics

Additional Information

Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance encourages creativity and imagination in children as they engage in the world of ballet. The game not only provides entertainment but also helps in developing coordination skills and a sense of rhythm through dance activities.


Overall, Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance is a fun and educational game that allows kids to immerse themselves in the art of ballet. With its charming storyline and interactive features, it offers a delightful experience for young players to enjoy and learn from.

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