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‘Baby Hazel Bed Time’ is an adorable online game where players get to help Baby Hazel prepare for bedtime. This game is perfect for young children who enjoy interactive and educational gameplay. With its cute graphics and engaging activities, ‘Baby Hazel Bed Time’ is sure to keep kids entertained while teaching them about the importance of a bedtime routine.

How to Play

In ‘Baby Hazel Bed Time’, players will assist Baby Hazel in completing her bedtime routine. The game features various tasks such as brushing her teeth, changing into pajamas, reading a bedtime story, and finally putting her to sleep. Players can interact with different objects in Baby Hazel’s room to progress through the game. The goal is to successfully complete all the tasks and ensure Baby Hazel has a peaceful night’s sleep.


1. Cute and colorful graphics
2. Interactive gameplay
3. Educational bedtime routine activities
4. Engaging tasks to keep kids entertained

‘Baby Hazel Bed Time’ is not only fun but also teaches children the importance of a consistent bedtime routine. By engaging in the various tasks in the game, kids can learn valuable habits that can contribute to better sleep quality and overall well-being.


Overall, ‘Baby Hazel Bed Time’ is a delightful game that combines entertainment with education. Children can enjoy helping Baby Hazel get ready for bed while learning about the importance of a bedtime routine. With its engaging gameplay and cute graphics, this game is a wonderful choice for young players looking for a fun and interactive experience.

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