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‘Baby Hazel Flower Girl’ is an engaging online game designed for young children to enjoy. In this game, players take on the role of Baby Hazel as she participates in a wedding as a flower girl. The game is filled with adorable visuals, fun gameplay, and educational elements that make it perfect for kids to play and enjoy.

How to Play

Players can control Baby Hazel using simple mouse clicks or taps on the screen. The game consists of various levels where Baby Hazel has different tasks to complete as a flower girl. Players need to help her with activities like dressing up, preparing flower bouquets, and participating in the wedding ceremony. By completing tasks and challenges, players can progress through the game and unlock new levels.


The game offers a range of features to keep players entertained:

1. Cute and colorful graphics
2. Engaging gameplay with interactive tasks
3. Educational elements to teach kids about weddings and flower girl roles
4. Various levels with increasing difficulty

Players can also customize Baby Hazel’s outfits and accessories to create their unique style for the wedding.

Relevant Information

‘Baby Hazel Flower Girl’ is part of the popular Baby Hazel series of online games that are designed to be child-friendly and safe for young players. The game promotes creativity, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination in a fun and interactive way. With its charming storyline and engaging gameplay, ‘Baby Hazel Flower Girl’ is a delightful choice for kids who enjoy dress-up games and role-playing adventures.


In conclusion, ‘Baby Hazel Flower Girl’ is a delightful and entertaining game that offers young players a chance to experience the joy of being a flower girl at a wedding. With its adorable graphics, engaging gameplay, and educational elements, this game is sure to captivate kids and provide hours of fun and learning. So, join Baby Hazel on her flower girl journey and immerse yourself in the magical world of weddings and celebrations!

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