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Welcome to the delightful world of Baby Hazel! In this fun and festive game, Baby Hazel is all set to build her very own gingerbread house. Join her in this exciting adventure as you help her create a magical gingerbread house that will surely impress everyone!

How to Play

Playing Baby Hazel Gingerbread House is easy and enjoyable. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to interact with Baby Hazel and other characters. Use your mouse to click and drag items, decorate the gingerbread house, and complete various tasks to make the house look perfect.


Here are some key features of Baby Hazel Gingerbread House game:

1. Cute Graphics
2. Interactive Gameplay
3. Creative Decorating Options
4. Engaging Storyline

Additional Information

In this game, players not only get to decorate the gingerbread house but also engage in various activities such as baking cookies, making icing, and arranging candies. The game provides a fun and educational experience for children, promoting creativity and problem-solving skills.


Join Baby Hazel in her gingerbread house adventure and let your imagination run wild as you create the most beautiful and delicious gingerbread house ever! Play Baby Hazel Gingerbread House game today and have a sweet and festive gaming experience!

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