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Get ready to experience the joy and challenges of taking care of a newborn baby in the exciting game, Baby Hazel Newborn Baby. Join Baby Hazel as she welcomes a new member to her family and learns to be a loving and responsible big sister. With adorable graphics and engaging gameplay, this game is perfect for players of all ages who love caring for babies.

How to Play

Playing Baby Hazel Newborn Baby is easy and fun. Help Baby Hazel take care of her newborn brother by fulfilling his needs and keeping him happy. Use your mouse to interact with different items and characters in the game. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete various tasks and make sure the baby stays content throughout the day. Be quick and attentive to earn points and progress to the next level.


1. Adorable graphics
2. Various baby care activities
3. Engaging gameplay
4. Educational elements
5. Different levels and challenges

Baby Hazel Newborn Baby also includes mini-games and puzzles that enhance the overall gameplay experience. Players can enjoy a mix of entertainment and learning while taking care of the baby and helping Baby Hazel adjust to her new role in the family.

Additional Information

Developed by Axis Entertainment Limited, Baby Hazel Newborn Baby is part of the popular Baby Hazel series of games that focus on teaching children about various aspects of daily life through interactive gameplay. The game promotes empathy, responsibility, and problem-solving skills, making it an ideal choice for parents looking for educational and entertaining content for their kids.


Embark on a heartwarming journey with Baby Hazel in Baby Hazel Newborn Baby and discover the joys of caring for a newborn. With its charming storyline, lovable characters, and engaging activities, this game offers a delightful experience for players of all ages. Join Baby Hazel on her baby care adventures and immerse yourself in a world full of love, learning, and fun!

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