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Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination is an adorable online game that follows the story of Baby Hazel as she takes her newborn brother, Matt, to the doctor for his vaccinations. This cute and educational game is perfect for kids who want to learn about the importance of vaccinations in a fun and interactive way.

How to Play

In this game, players will join Baby Hazel as she prepares her little brother for his vaccination appointment. The player will help Hazel comfort and distract Matt during the vaccination process by playing mini-games and completing tasks. Players will need to keep Matt happy and calm to ensure the vaccination goes smoothly.


1. Cute and engaging storyline
2. Interactive gameplay that encourages empathy and care
3. Fun mini-games to keep players entertained
4. Educational content about the importance of vaccinations

Additional Information

Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination is part of the popular Baby Hazel series of games, known for their child-friendly themes and engaging gameplay. The game provides an opportunity for kids to learn about healthcare practices in a way that is both entertaining and informative.


Overall, Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination is a delightful game that combines fun gameplay with educational content. By playing this game, children can learn about the importance of vaccinations and empathy towards others in a lighthearted and enjoyable way. So, join Baby Hazel on this heartwarming journey and help her make sure baby Matt stays healthy and happy!

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