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Baby Hazel Sports Day is an exciting online game that follows the adventures of a lovable toddler named Baby Hazel as she participates in various sports activities. Developed by Axis Entertainment Limited, this game is perfect for children who enjoy sports and want to have fun while learning new skills.

How to Play

In Baby Hazel Sports Day, players control Baby Hazel as she competes in different sports events like running, jumping, and throwing. The game is played using the mouse or touchscreen, depending on the device being used. Players must follow the on-screen instructions to help Baby Hazel perform well in each event and win medals.


• Multiple sports events to participate in, including sprinting, long jump, and javelin throw.
• Colorful and engaging graphics that appeal to young players.
• Easy controls suitable for children of all ages.
• Educational elements that teach kids about sportsmanship and teamwork.
• Fun mini-games and challenges to keep players entertained.

Relevant Information

Baby Hazel Sports Day encourages children to stay active and enjoy the benefits of sports while having a great time playing the game. With its simple gameplay mechanics and charming visuals, this game is a delightful choice for young gamers looking to have a fun and educational experience.


Overall, Baby Hazel Sports Day is a delightful and engaging game that offers a mix of sports challenges and entertainment for young players. Whether your child is a sports enthusiast or just looking for a fun game to play, Baby Hazel Sports Day is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and learning.

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