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Bob the Robber 2 is an exciting stealth puzzle game that puts players in the shoes of a skilled thief named Bob. Developed by Funtomic, this sequel to the popular Bob the Robber series offers challenging levels, intricate puzzles, and thrilling heists for players to enjoy.

How to Play:

In Bob the Robber 2, players must help Bob navigate through various levels filled with security cameras, guards, and traps to steal valuable items. Use stealth and cunning to avoid detection, solve puzzles to unlock doors, and collect loot to advance to the next level. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move Bob, and press the space bar to interact with objects.


1. Challenging Levels Test your stealth skills in a variety of challenging levels with increasing difficulty.
2. Intricate Puzzles Solve puzzles to bypass security systems and unlock doors to reach your objectives.
3. Stealth Gameplay Use stealth to stay undetected by guards and security cameras while making your way through each level.
4. Loot Collection Collect valuable loot as you progress through the game to upgrade Bob’s skills and tools.

Bob the Robber 2 also features a captivating storyline that keeps players engaged as they unravel the mysteries behind Bob’s heists and adventures.


Bob the Robber 2 is a thrilling stealth puzzle game that offers hours of entertainment for players looking for a challenging and fun gaming experience. With its engaging gameplay, clever puzzles, and strategic stealth mechanics, Bob the Robber 2 is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats as they guide Bob through daring heists and exciting adventures.

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