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Bomb It 3 is an exciting and explosive online game that brings the classic Bomberman gameplay to a whole new level. Developed by Spil Games, this action-packed arcade game is the third installment in the popular Bomb It series. Get ready to challenge your strategic skills and reflexes as you compete against opponents in a maze-like arena filled with obstacles and power-ups.

How to Play

In Bomb It 3, your objective is to strategically place bombs to defeat your opponents while avoiding getting caught in the blast. Use the arrow keys to move your character around the maze and press the spacebar to drop a bomb. Be quick on your feet and plan your moves carefully to outsmart your enemies.


Bomb It 3 offers a variety of game modes, including Arcade, Battle Royale, and Survival mode, each providing a unique gameplay experience. Customize your character with different skins and hats, and unleash special power-ups to gain an advantage over your rivals. Play solo against computer-controlled opponents or challenge your friends in multiplayer mode for even more thrills.

Relevant Information

With its vibrant graphics, catchy soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, Bomb It 3 is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Test your bombing skills in different environments and master the art of strategic bombing to emerge victorious in each round.


Overall, Bomb It 3 is a must-play game for fans of the Bomberman genre and anyone looking for a fun and challenging multiplayer experience. Whether you’re playing solo or with friends, the game’s fast-paced action and competitive gameplay will keep you coming back for more. So gear up, plant those bombs, and show your opponents who the ultimate bomber is in Bomb It 3!

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