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Clash of Armour is an exciting and strategic online multiplayer game that puts players in control of their own army of tanks. Developed by Gamepix, this game offers fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics, and intense battles that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

How to Play

In Clash of Armour, players must strategically deploy their tanks on the battlefield to defend their base and destroy the enemy tanks. The game features simple controls where players can drag and drop tanks onto the battlefield to position them strategically. By earning coins through successful battles, players can upgrade their tanks and unlock new units to strengthen their army.


Clash of Armour offers a variety of features that make the gameplay engaging and addictive. Some key features include:

1. Multiplayer Battles Engage in intense battles against other players from around the world.
2. Upgradeable Tanks Improve your tanks’ firepower, armor, and speed to gain an advantage on the battlefield.
3. Strategic Gameplay Plan your moves carefully to outsmart your opponents and lead your army to victory.
4. Stunning Graphics Immerse yourself in the game’s visually appealing graphics and animations.

With its competitive multiplayer mode, diverse tank units, and strategic depth, Clash of Armour offers a thrilling gaming experience for players of all skill levels.

Relevant Information

Clash of Armour is available to play for free on various platforms, including web browsers and mobile devices. Players can challenge their friends or compete against random opponents in real-time battles, making every match a unique and exciting experience. The game’s intuitive controls and engaging gameplay mechanics make it easy for new players to jump in and start enjoying the action-packed battles right away.


Clash of Armour is a must-play game for fans of strategy and multiplayer battles. With its fast-paced gameplay, stunning visuals, and strategic depth, players will find themselves hooked on the thrill of commanding their own army of tanks and leading them to victory. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a casual gamer looking for some action-packed fun, Clash of Armour has something to offer for everyone.

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