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Dr. Panda Restaurant is a delightful and interactive cooking game designed for kids. Developed by Dr. Panda Ltd., this game allows players to take on the role of a chef and run their own restaurant. With colorful graphics and fun characters, Dr. Panda Restaurant provides a fun and educational gaming experience for children.

How to Play

In Dr. Panda Restaurant, players can choose ingredients, prepare dishes, and serve them to adorable animal customers. The game features a variety of recipes and cooking tools for players to use. By following the step-by-step instructions, kids can learn about different foods and cooking techniques while having fun in the kitchen.


1. Cute and engaging graphics
2. Various recipes to cook
3. Interactive gameplay
4. Kid-friendly interface

Dr. Panda Restaurant also allows players to customize their restaurants, experiment with different ingredients, and discover new recipes. With no time limits or high scores, kids can play at their own pace and enjoy the creative freedom the game offers.

Relevant Information

Dr. Panda Restaurant has received positive reviews for its engaging gameplay and educational value. The game helps children develop basic cooking skills, learn about food preparation, and understand the importance of serving customers. With its intuitive controls and charming characters, Dr. Panda Restaurant is a popular choice among parents and educators looking for fun and educational games for kids.


Overall, Dr. Panda Restaurant is a fun and engaging cooking game that provides children with a creative and educational gaming experience. With its colorful graphics, interactive gameplay, and variety of recipes, this game is sure to entertain and inspire young chefs. Whether cooking up a storm in the kitchen or serving hungry customers, Dr. Panda Restaurant offers hours of fun for kids of all ages.

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