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Dr. Panda School is an engaging and educational video game designed for children. Developed by Dr. Panda Ltd., the game allows players to experience a day in the life of a school student, where they can participate in various activities and learn through fun gameplay.

How to Play

To start playing Dr. Panda School, simply download the game from the app store on your mobile device or computer. Once the game is installed, launch it and choose a character to play as. From there, explore the school environment and interact with different objects to engage in activities such as science experiments, art projects, music lessons, and more. Complete tasks and challenges to progress through the game and unlock new content.


1. Interactive Gameplay Engage in various school activities and tasks through interactive gameplay mechanics.
2. Educational Content Learn about different subjects and skills in a fun and engaging way.
3. Customization Options Personalize your character and school environment to suit your preferences.
4. Mini-Games Enjoy mini-games and challenges that test your knowledge and creativity.

Dr. Panda School also promotes creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in children, making it a valuable tool for parents and educators looking to supplement traditional learning methods with interactive digital experiences.


Overall, Dr. Panda School is a delightful and educational video game that offers children a fun way to explore the world of school while fostering important skills. With its engaging gameplay, diverse activities, and educational content, the game provides a valuable learning experience that is sure to captivate young players and encourage their curiosity and imagination.

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