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Ella and Anna Spring Break is a fun and exciting video game that follows the adventures of two best friends, Ella and Anna, as they embark on a memorable spring break vacation. Developed by DreamWorks Interactive, this game offers players a delightful mix of mini-games, puzzles, and challenges set in a vibrant and colorful world.

How to Play

To play Ella and Anna Spring Break, players must navigate through different levels and complete various tasks to help Ella and Anna make the most of their spring break vacation. Use the keyboard or controller to move the characters and interact with the environment to progress through the game. Each level presents unique challenges that require quick thinking and problem-solving skills to overcome.


1. Engaging Storyline
2. Diverse Mini-Games
3. Colorful Graphics
4. Charming Characters
5. Interactive Gameplay

Ella and Anna Spring Break offers a perfect mix of adventure, humor, and friendship, making it a delightful gaming experience for players of all ages. The game’s intuitive controls and engaging gameplay mechanics ensure that players stay entertained and challenged throughout their journey with Ella and Anna.


Embark on a spring break adventure like no other with Ella and Anna in this delightful video game. Join the two best friends as they navigate through exciting challenges and unforgettable experiences in a beautifully crafted world. Get ready for a fun-filled journey that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

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