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Welcome to the glamorous world of fashion with ‘Ellie Fashion Fever’! This exciting video game allows players to explore their creativity and style sense as they help Ellie, the fashionista, to become the ultimate trendsetter. Get ready to immerse yourself in the dazzling world of runway shows, photo shoots, and fashion design in this addictive game.

How to Play

‘Ellie Fashion Fever’ is a simulation game where players take on the role of Ellie, a young fashion designer aiming to make it big in the industry. Your task is to help Ellie create stunning outfits, style her models for various events, and manage her own fashion empire. Use your keen eye for style to mix and match clothing items, accessories, and hairstyles to create the perfect looks.


1. Customization: Personalize Ellie’s outfits and accessories to reflect your unique style.
2. Fashion Events: Participate in fashion shows, photoshoots, and design challenges to showcase your skills.
3. Trendsetting: Stay on top of the latest fashion trends and create cutting-edge looks for Ellie and her models.
4. Business Management: Manage Ellie’s fashion boutique, handle clients, and expand your fashion empire.

Immerse yourself in the glamorous world of fashion with stunning graphics, realistic fashion designs, and engaging gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.


‘Ellie Fashion Fever’ is a must-play game for fashion enthusiasts and anyone who loves to showcase their styling skills. With its exciting gameplay, creative challenges, and endless customization options, this game offers a truly immersive experience in the world of fashion. Join Ellie on her journey to becoming a fashion icon and let your creativity shine in this addictive and glamorous game.

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