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Funny Rescue Carpenter is a fun and engaging online game that puts your carpentry skills to the test. In this game, you play as a talented carpenter who is called to rescue various animals stuck in tricky situations. It’s up to you to use your tools and problem-solving skills to help these cute creatures in need.

How to Play

To play Funny Rescue Carpenter, use your mouse to interact with the tools and objects on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete each level and rescue the animals. Pay attention to the details and think creatively to overcome the challenges in each scenario.


1. Cute and colorful graphics
2. Challenging puzzles to solve
3. Various tools and gadgets to use
4. Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
5. Fun and family-friendly gameplay

Funny Rescue Carpenter is suitable for players of all ages who enjoy puzzle-solving and creative thinking. The game provides a lighthearted and entertaining experience that will keep you engaged for hours.


Get ready to embark on a rescue mission like no other in Funny Rescue Carpenter. Put your carpentry skills to the test, save adorable animals, and have a blast with this charming and addictive online game. Are you up for the challenge?

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