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Welcome to the colorful and addictive world of Jelly Survival! This fast-paced arcade game will test your reflexes and decision-making skills as you navigate through a maze of obstacles with your squishy jelly character. With its simple gameplay mechanics and vibrant visuals, Jelly Survival is the perfect game for players of all ages.

How to Play

In Jelly Survival, your objective is to guide your jelly character through a series of obstacles and challenges while collecting coins along the way. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the jelly left, right, up, and down. Avoid touching any of the obstacles, as they will cause your jelly to burst and end the game. Collect as many coins as possible to increase your score and unlock new levels.


Jelly Survival offers a variety of features to keep players engaged and entertained:

Colorful Graphics The game features bright and vibrant visuals that will appeal to players of all ages.
Multiple Levels Unlock new levels as you progress through the game, each with its own unique challenges.
Leaderboards Compete with friends and other players to see who can achieve the highest score.
Power-Ups Collect power-ups to help you navigate through obstacles more easily and increase your chances of survival.

With its addictive gameplay and charming visuals, Jelly Survival is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players looking for a fun and challenging arcade experience.

Relevant Information

Jelly Survival was developed by a small indie game studio known for creating engaging and accessible games for players of all skill levels. The game has received positive reviews for its simple yet addictive gameplay and has quickly gained a loyal following within the gaming community.


Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick and fun distraction or a hardcore player seeking a new challenge, Jelly Survival has something to offer for everyone. So grab your keyboard, dodge those obstacles, and see how long you can survive in this exciting and colorful world of jellies!

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