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Knife Hit Xmas is a festive-themed arcade game that challenges players to throw knives at spinning targets to complete levels. The game features a holiday-inspired design with colorful backgrounds and cheerful music, making it perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

How to Play

In Knife Hit Xmas, players must carefully aim and throw knives at the rotating targets without hitting any of the existing knives. Each level becomes progressively more challenging, requiring precise timing and accuracy to succeed. Players can earn stars based on their performance in each level, unlocking new knives and backgrounds as they progress through the game.


Knife Hit Xmas offers several exciting features that make the gameplay engaging and addictive:

1. Festive Theme Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed graphics and music.
2. Variety of Knives Unlock and collect a wide range of knives with different designs and abilities.
3. Challenging Levels Test your skills with increasingly difficult levels that require precision and strategy.
4. Achievements and Rewards Complete challenges to earn stars and unlock special rewards in the game.

Knife Hit Xmas is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels, offering a fun and addictive gameplay experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

Relevant Information

Developed by a team of indie developers, Knife Hit Xmas was released as a special holiday edition of the popular Knife Hit series. The game has received positive reviews for its engaging gameplay mechanics and festive atmosphere, making it a must-play for fans of arcade games and holiday-themed entertainment.


Get into the holiday spirit and test your knife-throwing skills with Knife Hit Xmas. With its festive theme, challenging levels, and exciting features, this game offers a delightful gaming experience that is perfect for celebrating the holiday season. So grab your virtual knives and start aiming for the targets in this addictive arcade adventure!

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