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Mahjong Dimensions: 350 seconds is a thrilling and fast-paced variation of the classic tile-matching game, Mahjong. In this version, players have 350 seconds to match pairs of identical tiles to clear the board and advance to the next level. The game challenges players to think quickly and strategically as they race against the clock to achieve the highest score possible.

How to Play

To play Mahjong Dimensions: 350 seconds, simply click on pairs of matching tiles that are not blocked by other tiles on their left and right sides. The tiles must have at least one free side to be selected. Keep in mind that you are racing against the clock, so try to make matches as quickly as possible to earn bonus points. As you progress through the levels, the layout of the tiles becomes more intricate, adding to the challenge.


1. Time Limit Players have 350 seconds to complete each level, adding a sense of urgency and excitement to the game.
2. 3D Graphics The game features stunning 3D graphics that enhance the immersive gameplay experience.
3. Multiple Levels There are multiple levels to conquer, each with increasing difficulty and complexity.
4. Power-Ups Players can unlock power-ups to help them clear the board faster and earn higher scores.

With its addictive gameplay, beautiful visuals, and challenging levels, Mahjong Dimensions: 350 seconds is a must-play for fans of puzzle and strategy games. Whether you’re a seasoned Mahjong player or new to the game, this version offers a fresh and exciting twist that will keep you coming back for more.


Embark on a thrilling journey through the world of Mahjong with Mahjong Dimensions: 350 seconds. Test your skills, challenge your mind, and race against the clock in this fast-paced and engaging puzzle game. Are you ready to take on the challenge and become a Mahjong master? Play now and find out!

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