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Welcome to ‘My Burger Biz’, the ultimate burger restaurant management game that will test your skills in running a successful fast-food business. In this exciting simulation game, you will take on the role of a burger joint owner and work your way up from a small food truck to a bustling burger empire. Get ready to flip patties, serve customers, and expand your business to become the burger tycoon!

How to Play

In ‘My Burger Biz’, players will start by setting up their burger truck and serving customers with delicious customized burgers. As you progress, you can upgrade your equipment, hire staff, and unlock new ingredients to create mouth-watering burger recipes. Manage your resources wisely, keep your customers happy, and watch your profits soar!


Some key features of ‘My Burger Biz’ include:

  • Customize and design your own burger recipes
  • Hire and train staff to improve efficiency
  • Expand your business with new locations and food trucks
  • Compete in burger challenges and events
  • Upgrade your kitchen equipment for faster production

Additional Information

Players can also participate in special events and challenges to earn rewards and attract more customers to their burger joint. The game offers a variety of strategies to test your business acumen and keep you engaged for hours on end.


With its addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and challenging mechanics, ‘My Burger Biz’ is a must-play for anyone who dreams of owning their own burger business. Are you ready to build your burger empire and become the ultimate burger tycoon? Let the sizzling journey begin!

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