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Get ready for a festive and fun-filled aquatic adventure with “My Dolphin Show: Christmas”! This delightful game puts you in the role of a talented dolphin performer as you dazzle the audience with your incredible tricks and stunts. With charming graphics and holiday-themed elements, this game is sure to bring joy and excitement to players of all ages.

How to Play

In “My Dolphin Show: Christmas”, you will control your dolphin to perform various tricks and maneuvers in a series of entertaining shows. Use your keyboard or touchscreen to guide your dolphin through hoops, jump through hoops, and perform flips and spins to earn points and wow the audience. The more impressive your tricks, the more spectators you’ll attract!


This special Christmas edition of the popular “My Dolphin Show” series comes with several exciting features:

1. Festive Holiday Theme
2. Multiple Challenging Levels
3. Customizable Dolphin Outfits
4. Unlockable Rewards and Achievements

With its engaging gameplay and cheerful atmosphere, “My Dolphin Show: Christmas” is the perfect game to get you into the holiday spirit and entertain you for hours on end. So put on your Santa hat and dive into the enchanting world of dolphin acrobatics!

Additional Information

Players can also compete with friends and family to see who can earn the highest score in each level, adding a competitive element to the game. The intuitive controls and vibrant visuals make “My Dolphin Show: Christmas” a joy to play for both casual gamers and seasoned players looking for a lighthearted challenge.


Experience the magic of the holiday season with “My Dolphin Show: Christmas” and enjoy a delightful gaming experience filled with laughter, excitement, and adorable dolphins. Whether you’re a fan of simulation games or simply looking for a festive distraction, this game is sure to bring a smile to your face and keep you entertained throughout the holiday season.

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