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‘My Dolphin Show’ is a popular online game that puts you in the role of a dolphin trainer, where you get to perform incredible tricks and stunts with your aquatic friend. Developed by Spil Games, this game offers a fun and interactive experience for players of all ages.

How to Play

In ‘My Dolphin Show’, you control the movements of your dolphin to perform various tricks and entertain the audience. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide the dolphin through hoops, jump over obstacles, and splash water to impress the crowd. The better your performance, the more points you earn.


The game features different levels and challenges that will test your skills as a dolphin trainer. You can customize your dolphin with various outfits and accessories to make it stand out during the show. As you progress through the game, you unlock new tricks and stunts to keep the audience entertained.

Relevant Information

Developer: Spil Games
Platform: Online (Browser)
Genre: Simulation


‘My Dolphin Show’ is a delightful game that combines strategy, skill, and entertainment in a unique underwater setting. Whether you are a casual gamer looking for some fun or a dolphin enthusiast, this game offers a refreshing and engaging experience that will keep you hooked for hours. So, dive into the world of ‘My Dolphin Show’ and showcase your dolphin training skills to the world!

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