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‘OMG Word Rainbow’ is a colorful and addictive word puzzle game that challenges players to expand their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. The game features vibrant graphics, challenging levels, and a wide variety of words to discover. Players of all ages can enjoy this game as they unravel the rainbow of words one level at a time.

How to Play

In ‘OMG Word Rainbow’, players are presented with a grid of letters in various colors. The objective is to swipe across the letters to form words and clear them from the board. The longer the word, the more points the player earns. Each level has a target number of words to find before advancing to the next level. Players can also earn bonus points for discovering special rainbow words that are hidden within the grid.


The game offers several features to enhance the gameplay experience:

1. Colorful Graphics The game features visually appealing graphics with a rainbow theme that adds to the overall charm of the gameplay.
2. Challenging Levels Players can test their word skills across multiple levels of increasing difficulty, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.
3. Variety of Words With a vast library of words to discover, players can expand their vocabulary while having fun.
4. Bonus Rainbow Words Special hidden rainbow words offer an extra challenge and reward for keen-eyed players.

Overall, ‘OMG Word Rainbow’ provides a stimulating and entertaining experience for players looking to exercise their minds and enjoy a visually pleasing game environment. The game’s intuitive controls and addictive gameplay make it easy for both casual gamers and word puzzle enthusiasts to pick up and play.


Whether you’re a word game aficionado or simply looking for a fun and relaxing way to pass the time, ‘OMG Word Rainbow’ offers a delightful gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of words and colors as you embark on a journey through the rainbow of vocabulary in this exciting puzzle game.

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