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Paper Flight is a fun and addictive online game where players can test their paper airplane flying skills. The game is simple yet challenging, suitable for players of all ages. The goal is to launch the paper airplane as far as possible by adjusting the angle and force of the throw. With vibrant graphics and easy-to-use controls, Paper Flight offers an engaging gaming experience.

How to Play

To play Paper Flight, simply drag and release the paper airplane to throw it into the air. Adjust the angle of the throw by moving your cursor up or down to aim for the best trajectory. The force of the throw is determined by how far you drag the airplane before releasing it. Keep an eye on the wind direction and speed indicators to make strategic adjustments for maximum distance.


Paper Flight offers several features to enhance the gameplay experience, including:

1. Simple Controls Intuitive drag-and-release mechanics make it easy to launch the paper airplane.
2. Multiple Levels Unlock new levels with different challenges and obstacles to overcome.
3. Power-Ups Collect power-ups during the flight to boost your airplane’s performance.
4. Leaderboards Compete with other players worldwide and climb the leaderboards for the highest scores.

With its addictive gameplay and competitive elements, Paper Flight offers hours of entertainment for players looking to test their skills and aim for new high scores.

Relevant Information

Developed by a small indie studio, Paper Flight has gained popularity for its simple yet engaging gameplay mechanics. The game has received positive reviews from players and critics alike, praising its addictive nature and charming visual style. Regular updates and new content additions keep players coming back for more, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience each time they play.


Paper Flight is a delightful game that combines simplicity with challenge, making it a perfect choice for casual gamers and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re aiming to beat your own high score or compete with friends on the leaderboards, Paper Flight offers a fun and immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more flights.

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