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Shaun the Sheep: Baahmy Golf is a fun and engaging golf game featuring the beloved characters from the Shaun the Sheep animated series. Players can join Shaun and his flock on a hilarious adventure across various challenging courses filled with obstacles and puzzles.

How to Play

In Shaun the Sheep: Baahmy Golf, players must aim and shoot their golf ball towards the hole while navigating through obstacles such as haystacks, fences, and other farm-themed challenges. By adjusting the angle and power of each shot, players can strategically overcome each level to progress further in the game.


Shaun the Sheep: Baahmy Golf offers a range of exciting features, including:

1. Play as Shaun and his flock 2. Unlock new levels and characters
3. Utilize power-ups for special abilities 4. Enjoy vibrant and colorful graphics

Players can test their skills in solo play or challenge friends in multiplayer mode for competitive golfing fun.

Relevant Information

Shaun the Sheep: Baahmy Golf offers a refreshing twist on traditional golf games by incorporating the charming world of Shaun the Sheep. With engaging gameplay mechanics and lovable characters, this game appeals to players of all ages looking for a delightful gaming experience.


Join Shaun and his flock in Shaun the Sheep: Baahmy Golf for a whimsical and entertaining golfing adventure. With its unique challenges, colorful visuals, and lovable characters, this game promises hours of fun for players seeking a lighthearted gaming experience.

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