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Siberian Strike is an action-packed arcade-style shooter game that plunges players into a thrilling aerial combat experience. Developed by Studio47, this game takes place in the vast, icy landscapes of Siberia where players must navigate their fighter jets through intense battles against enemy forces.

How to Play

In Siberian Strike, players control a fighter jet using simple touch controls to maneuver through the skies and engage in dogfights with enemy aircraft. The goal is to complete mission objectives, such as destroying enemy bases or protecting allied convoys, while avoiding enemy fire and obstacles. Players can upgrade their aircraft with various weapons and equipment to enhance their combat capabilities.


Siberian Strike offers a variety of features to keep players engaged:

1. Intense Aerial Combat
2. Upgradeable Fighter Jets
3. Mission-based Gameplay
4. Stunning Graphics and Visual Effects

Players can challenge themselves with increasingly difficult missions and compete for high scores on the global leaderboards. The game also includes various power-ups and bonuses to help players overcome tough challenges.

Relevant Information

Siberian Strike features a dynamic soundtrack that enhances the immersive experience, with epic music tracks that intensify the adrenaline-pumping action. The game’s responsive controls and smooth gameplay mechanics make it accessible to both casual players and hardcore gamers alike.


With its fast-paced gameplay, engaging missions, and stunning visuals, Siberian Strike delivers an exciting and addictive gaming experience for fans of aerial combat games. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a rookie flyer, this game offers plenty of thrills and challenges to keep you coming back for more.

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