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‘Sisters Together Forever’ is a heartwarming and engaging video game that follows the adventures of two sisters, Lily and Rose, as they navigate through various challenges and obstacles in a magical world. Developed by DreamWorks Gaming, this game is perfect for players of all ages who enjoy a mix of puzzle-solving, platforming, and adventure elements.

How to Play

In ‘Sisters Together Forever’, players control both Lily and Rose simultaneously, utilizing their unique abilities to overcome puzzles and progress through the levels. Lily excels in agility and speed, while Rose possesses strength and can interact with certain objects in the environment. Players must strategize and coordinate the movements of both sisters to successfully navigate through the enchanting world and unlock new areas.


The game features beautifully designed levels with vibrant colors and intricate details, creating a visually appealing experience for players. The storyline is captivating, focusing on the bond between the two sisters and the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Players will encounter a variety of challenges, including platforming sequences, environmental puzzles, and boss battles that test their skills and coordination.

Relevant Information

As players progress through the game, they will uncover secrets and collectibles that add depth to the story and unlock bonus content. The soundtrack, composed by award-winning composer Sarah Brightman, enhances the immersive experience and sets the tone for the emotional journey of Lily and Rose. ‘Sisters Together Forever’ also offers a multiplayer mode where friends can join forces and play together, adding a social element to the gameplay.


‘Sisters Together Forever’ is a delightful and charming video game that combines engaging gameplay with a touching narrative. Whether playing solo or with friends, players will be drawn into the enchanting world of Lily and Rose, where the power of sisterhood and cooperation reign supreme. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments in ‘Sisters Together Forever’.

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