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Snail Bob 6 Winter Story is the sixth installment in the popular Snail Bob series of puzzle games. In this winter-themed adventure, players must help the lovable snail, Bob, navigate through various snowy levels filled with obstacles and challenges. With its charming graphics and engaging gameplay, Snail Bob 6 offers hours of fun for players of all ages.

How to Play

In Snail Bob 6 Winter Story, players control Bob as he makes his way through each level. Using simple point-and-click mechanics, players must interact with the environment to help Bob avoid dangers and reach the exit. From navigating icy slopes to avoiding pesky enemies, players must use their problem-solving skills to guide Bob safely to the end of each level.


Snail Bob 6 Winter Story features over 25 levels of winter-themed puzzles, each increasing in difficulty as players progress. The game also includes fun animations, charming music, and various power-ups to help Bob overcome obstacles. Additionally, players can unlock achievements and compete with friends for the highest scores on the leaderboards.

Relevant Information

Developer: TinyBuild
Platform: Web browser, iOS, Android
Release Date: November 2015


Snail Bob 6 Winter Story is a delightful puzzle game that offers a perfect mix of challenge and charm. With its winter-themed levels and lovable protagonist, players are sure to be captivated by Bob’s adventures. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle games or simply looking for a fun and relaxing gaming experience, Snail Bob 6 is a must-play title that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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