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Spider Solitaire is a classic card game that has been enjoyed by players for decades. Known for its challenging gameplay and strategic thinking, this game is a favorite among those who love a good card challenge. Originally included in the Windows operating system, Spider Solitaire has since been adapted for various platforms, including mobile devices and online gaming sites.

How to Play

To play Spider Solitaire, the goal is to arrange all cards in descending order from King to Ace in the same suit. The game is played with two decks of standard playing cards, making a total of 104 cards. Cards are dealt into 10 piles, with the top card facing up. The remaining cards form the stockpile, which can be used to draw additional cards.


Spider Solitaire offers several features to enhance gameplay and customization. Players can choose from different difficulty levels, including the number of suits used and the number of cards dealt. The game also includes hints and undo options to assist players in making strategic moves. Additionally, players can track their progress and best scores to challenge themselves to improve.

Platform: Windows, Mobile, Online
Developer: Microsoft
Release Date: 1998

Spider Solitaire is a game that requires patience, skill, and a good understanding of card combinations. With its simple rules yet challenging gameplay, it has remained a popular choice for casual gamers and card game enthusiasts alike.

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