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Totemia: Cursed Marbles is an addictively fun match-three puzzle game that will challenge your skills and keep you entertained for hours on end. With its captivating gameplay and mystical theme, this game offers a unique twist on the classic marble-shooting genre.

How to Play

In Totemia: Cursed Marbles, your goal is to match three or more marbles of the same color to eliminate them from the board. Use your mouse or finger to aim and shoot marbles, strategically planning your moves to create powerful chain reactions and clear the level before the marbles reach the end of the path.


1. Challenging Levels Test your skills through a series of increasingly difficult levels.
2. Power-Ups Utilize various power-ups to help you clear marbles more effectively.
3. Mystical Theme Immerse yourself in a magical world filled with curses and ancient relics.

With its intuitive controls, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, Totemia: Cursed Marbles is a must-play for fans of puzzle games.

Relevant Information

Developed by a team of indie developers, Totemia: Cursed Marbles has garnered praise for its addictive gameplay and intricate level design. The game’s unique twist on the marble-shooting genre sets it apart from other similar titles, making it a standout choice for players looking for a fresh challenge.


Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a fun way to pass the time or a puzzle enthusiast seeking a new challenge, Totemia: Cursed Marbles offers something for everyone. Dive into the mystical world of cursed marbles and put your skills to the test in this exciting and enjoyable game.

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