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Winx Club: Love and Pet is an exciting video game based on the popular Winx Club animated series. Developed for fans of the show and casual gamers alike, this game offers a fun and interactive experience in the magical world of Alfea.

How to Play

To play Winx Club: Love and Pet, players can choose their favorite Winx Club fairy and embark on various missions to take care of magical pets, explore different locations, and uncover hidden secrets. By completing tasks and challenges, players can earn rewards and unlock new content to enhance their gameplay experience.


The game features vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a charming soundtrack that captures the essence of the Winx Club universe. Players can customize their fairy characters, collect and care for adorable pets, and participate in mini-games and activities to progress through the game.

Developer: Rainbow S.r.l.
Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android)
Genre: Simulation, Adventure
Release Date: 2021

Winx Club: Love and Pet provides a wholesome and entertaining experience for players of all ages, with its magical themes and captivating storyline that stays true to the beloved animated series.


Overall, Winx Club: Love and Pet is a delightful video game that offers a mix of simulation and adventure elements set in the enchanting world of the Winx Club. With its engaging gameplay, charming visuals, and lovable characters, this game is sure to appeal to fans of the series and newcomers looking for a magical gaming experience.

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