Trolley Trouble: Choose Your Track

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“Absurd Trolley Problems: The Game” takes the classic philosophical dilemma and cranks it up with levels of increasing absurdity. Each level presents a wilder scenario than the last, asking players to make impossible choices in the most ridiculous situations imaginable. Here’s a peek at how it starts and how it can evolve:

Level 1: The Original

The classic scenario: a trolley barrels down the tracks towards five unaware individuals. You’re at the switch and could divert the trolley onto a track with only one person. It’s a grim choice, but the game asks, will you pull the lever?

  • Pull the lever: You choose to sacrifice one to save five, a heavy decision for the “greater good”.

As you advance in levels, expect to encounter absurd twists like trolleys tied to balloon strings, tracks that loop in impossible physics, or bystanders who are all inexplicably dressed as clowns. Each level tests not just your moral compass, but your ability to navigate the most bizarre and improbable trolley-related crises ever conceived. It’s a wild ride through the tracks of ethics and comedy!

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